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May 12, 2024

Best anti blister socks to shop in the UK 2023

Rule #1: Don’t pop the blister ver since the Romans invented the first pair of shoes, human feet were sent on an evolutionary downturn. Rather than being equipped to deal with all the bumps and

Rule #1: Don’t pop the blister

ver since the Romans invented the first pair of shoes, human feet were sent on an evolutionary downturn. Rather than being equipped to deal with all the bumps and bruises from exposure to tough ground, our feet became supple, soft, and ill-suited to any kind of discomfort.

Gone are the days of hardened callouses protecting us from feeling even the slightest scratch from underfoot, humans now have to endure gruesome liquid-filled blisters appearing with no rhyme or reason and not depending on what shoes we’re wearing or the weather conditions may be outside.

That’s not to say that many of us haven’t embarked on YouTube-guided odysseys in search of ways to prevent blisters from occurring so that we can wear our favourite shoes on the daily. For Doc Marten enthusiasts, this can involve anything from filling Ziploc bags with water, placing them in your boot of choice and freezing the entire shoe to expand it or as extreme as hiring someone to break in the tough leather kicks.

Some more orthodox means of preventing blisters include purchasing foam or gel padding, alongside a good pair of anti-blister socks. A highly popular solution amongst athletes and long-distance hikers, this creates a soft yet solid cushion between your ailing limb and the area of the shoe that is giving you grief. Yet to understand just how to prevent blisters from forming, it’s important to know what causes them.

Blisters form for a multitude of reasons, the most common being excess moisture, heat, and friction caused by tight shoes. Often blisters form due to all three of these factors occurring at once.

The pocket of fluid that forms is filled with something called ‘serum’, which provides a natural protective barrier between the outer skin and the skin beneath the blister – thereby preventing infection. The serum is fluid which has leaked from neighbouring tissues to help protect the damaged skin. This is why you should never pop a blister once it forms, no matter how tempting it may be.

Most anti blister socks work by employing some extra padding to prevent friction. However, this is often ineffective if not paired with a lightweight, naturally moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial material. This is because thicker socks, though great for providing padding, will simply create a warmer and sweatier environment in which blisters will thrive.

Let’s stride into our round-up of the best anti blister socks in the UK. Keep scrolling for the goods.

We love these blister-preventing socks because they don’t look like the kind of garish neon, running-centric socks you often see when searching for something padded, long-lasting and comfortable. They’re fabricated from climate-regulating merino wool and are equipped with a thickly cushioned sole. Plus, the stylish and sporty ribbed finish will look good peeking out of any boot of the hiking or Chelsea variety.

A great option for targeting ankle blisters caused by uncomfortable trainers, these socks from Runderwear feature an extra comfortable padded lip which sits at the back of the ankle to remove any potential for friction. Though double layered and therefore quite thick, these socks are nevertheless moisture-wicking and wonderfully breathable.

Though technically marketed towards those who require ‘court-level cushioning’, we think these stylish and hi-tech anti blister socks are a fantastic preventative solution for feet both on and off the court. They’re made from 49 per cent recycled polyamide, 34 per cent polyester, 2 per cent elastane for some stretch and 15 per cent cotton – just enough for some added softness, but not enough to prevent that all-important moisture-wicking.

Part of M&S’s dedicated ‘Goodmove Collection’, these ankle-length socks will keep your feet comfy, cosy and blister free all day long thanks to their unique antibacterial properties.

Sold in packs of three and available in sizes suitable for men, women and kids, these merino wool socks have been designed with avid hikers in mind. The breathable, thermoregulatory merino wool will wick sweat away with ease, keeping your feet dry and ventilated during all your adventures. Complete with an anti-slip top, cooling mesh at the sides and an anti-blister cushioning at the heel – these are a fantastic choice for chronic blister sufferers.

Another all-season hiking sock, this pair from 1000 Mile are made from a sweat-preventing fabric blend consisting of 80 per cent merino wool, 19 per cent nylon and 1 per cent elastane for that extra bit of stretch.

Designed to be worn alongside your favourite pair of bog-standard socks, these silicone gel heel socks provide a thick layer of protective padding to prevent against the formation of painful blisters on the heel. They’re also equipped with handy ventilation holes for the utmost breathability, without compromising on comfort.

One of the main reasons these socks are so popular amongst ultra marathon runners and triathletes is because of the incorporation of Polygiene in the fabric treatment, which has antibacterial and top-notch odour control qualities. Not only will these padded yet highly ventilated socks prevent blisters, but they’ll also stop you from getting pongy smelling feet after a long run. It’s a win-win situation.

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