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May 26, 2023 Launches New Gear Line RDRCO

by Slaw Dog August 29, 2023, 5:00 am Welcome to Morning Espresso, an awesome piece presented by Check out their Labor Day sale and save up to 60%. unveils RDRCO

by Slaw Dog August 29, 2023, 5:00 am

Welcome to Morning Espresso, an awesome piece presented by Check out their Labor Day sale and save up to 60%. unveils RDRCO (pronounced “rider-co”) as the company’s exclusive riding gear. This new gear line offers an affordable option for weekend riders and the casual racer.’s exclusive riding gear brand RDRCO delivers a high-quality product at a price point most appreciated by those who hit the local tracks for every practice and gate drop ride or regularly ride trails. RDRCO options include the first step into the brand called “Fuse” and a feature-rich version called “Octane.”

Perceptive customers may have noticed the RDRCO brand a few months ago when sponsored rider Carson Brown wore RDRCO gear in various videos, photo shoots and when competing in the 450 class on a 2-stroke at the Washougal National. With today’s official launch, RDRCO represents one of the most exciting developments in MotoSport’s nearly 25-year history of selling dirt bike parts and gear online.

“RDRCO was developed and tested by MotoSport employees using inspiration from our favorite gear, and making improvements where others fell short” said Greg Burnett, Director of Merchandising whose team was instrumental in developing the product. “Our goal was to offer a range of products for the everyday rider and racer at an affordable price. We feel we struck a solid balance of quality, function and fit.”

The Fuse line is a non-ventilated gear with durable 600D polyester construction for cooler weather and durability, while deluxe Octane line incorporates 900D polyester construction along with venting, leather knees and strategically placed mesh for flexibility and movement. Both gear lines sell pants, jerseys and gloves separately as well as the traditional combos consisting of pants, jersey and gloves for extra savings. Fuse gear combo sells for $109.99 and the Octane combo sells for $134.99. Also offered in the lineup is the Factor Helmet, MX Socks and Knee Brace Socks. In the coming months, RDRCO will expand product offerings to include goggles, boots, a hydration pack and a gear bag. All of these exclusive MotoSport products feature integrity-minded construction at a respectable price.

“We designed the riding gear with our customer in mind while addressing a common complaint that gear doesn’t last,” said Amanda Heaberlin, Director of Brand and Creative. “Additionally, we created graphics that would appeal to a wide range of riders.”

MotoSport employees indeed tested multiple RDRCO gear prototypes for men and women riders before settling on the right fabric, fit and finish. Brown was also involved in product development and his continual feedback will serve to enhance and improve RDRCO annual rollouts.

Shop RDRCO riding gear now at

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