We Polled The Guys: Here Are 11 Fall Trends They’re Notoriously Confused By


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Aug 26, 2023

We Polled The Guys: Here Are 11 Fall Trends They’re Notoriously Confused By

Ever wonder what men think about pumpkin spice, fall fashion, or trendy bucket list activities? We did too! So we asked around and compiled a hilarious list of the biggest fall trends they don’t

Ever wonder what men think about pumpkin spice, fall fashion, or trendy bucket list activities? We did too! So we asked around and compiled a hilarious list of the biggest fall trends they don’t understand.

While there are a ton of things men do that we don’t understand, the fall season tends to bring out the trends we love that men find the most perplexing. If your best fall self is waiting to emerge as soon as the leaves start falling, we’re right there with you. But you should know which trends will have the men in your life – whether your boyfriend, husband, dad, or brother – looking at you a little bit sideways. From weather-confused sandals to the iconic flavor of the season, the guys gave their thoughts on some of the most popular fall trends many of us know and love!

Let’s get into it!

At this point in the year, you’ve probably seen the Birkenstock Boston clogs with white Nike socks. This interesting, cozy look offers a slightly elevated version of your household slippers – and you’ll see it everywhere this fall, much to your guy’s puzzlement.

The perfect combination of summer sandal and fuzzy fur lining – the ideal way to make your feet as sweaty as possible! Heading into fall, the men have hit this fall trend on its head: “Why are they wearing warm sandals? It just doesn't seem like they have a season and they don’t make sense.” Although they're certainly cute, most of us tend to agree. What were these Birkenstocks created for?

While the guys find this trend sexy and adorable at home, they don’t see the point of wearing a band tee as a dress out in public. Make a decision – either wear a t-shirt as a shirt or wear a dress! And while we’re on the topic of band tees, the guys would also appreciate it if you wore a shirt with a band you actually listen to…

Thrifting culture has paved the way for baggy, oversized denim – and the guys are confused! Because denim can (and should be!) flattering and form-fitting, the men in our lives are puzzled by the choice to not accentuate our most feminine features. As long as the jeans have a fitted waist and shape your booty, he’s on board. But the moment your denim choice changes to oversized, ill-fitted pants, he’s having flashbacks to his high school slouchy denim!

Is it business? Is it spin class? The guys have no idea, and honestly, I don’t think we do either. While the trend may have been cute in the beginning when styled in a monochromatic, cool-girl way, things have been getting out of hand over the last couple of seasons. Now, the biker shorts and blazer combo screams millennial mom in the worst way. There are tons of other ways to mix comfort and class without this ridiculously confusing combination!

Why would you pay extra money for ripped jeans? If you’ve heard this sarcastic question from a father or a boyfriend, you knew this one would be on the list. For men, a ripped pair of jeans probably means hard labor and grass stains, so they’re a little shocked by our choice to buy destroyed denim (often at a premium) without breaking it in ourselves!

While other parts of the world are given an allowance for this fall trend, California men are dumbfounded at our UGG boots and scarves at the beginning of the season. At the same time, your man is likely parading around in the same shorts and t-shirt he has been wearing all year. Does he not know that 65 degrees is cold?!?

He feels the same way about fluffy UGG boots. Why isn’t the fur inside the boot? “It looks like you stepped on your cat, and the fur exploded up through the top of the boot,” commented one guy. Honestly, it's a valid point. Keep the fur inside the boots, ladies!

“As soon as October hits, these brown hats come out of nowhere and stay until Christmas,” said one man. Not only are the guys confused by our hat wearing tendencies in the fall season, but they truly do not understand the purpose of a wide-brim hat during the chillier months of the year. A beanie or ball cap is more understandable, apparently! These hats typically make their most memorable appearance during fall photo shoots or Thanksgiving dinner – two occasions where, to be fair, a hat is completely unnecessary!

It’s fall, we get it! While there are tons of cute ways to incorporate muted, earthy tones in our fall wardrobes, the guys are unclear about the need to wear excessive plaids in October. This confusion also extends to their own wardrobes, where we often try to throw a few plaid shirts into their rotation for holidays, family photos, and date nights. Home decor counts too. Limit the amount of plaid in your home, or you may just drive your guy crazy this season!

As Starbucks, Dunkin’, and other local coffee shops will soon drop their fall beverages, specifically the PSL, the guys are convinced that women don’t actually love the pumpkin spice flavor! When they see pumpkin toothpaste, gnocchi, crackers, and chocolates peering out from the shopping cart, it feels like their woman has been brainwashed by some seasonal cult. There are some flavors that are superior to others, but if your man thinks you’re pretending to love your PSL and would rather switch it out for another seasonal flavor (peppermint mocha, perhaps?), he might need extra convincing this fall!

Paying to drudge up and down an apple orchard in a perfectly Instagrammable fall outfit to do your own hard labor? It’s cheaper and easier to buy apples from the grocery store, yet somehow we just can’t resist putting this fall activity on our bucket list every season. The men know this yearly chore is simply for the pics, which is why they never seem overly enthusiastic about joining in on the “fun.” Bribe him with a spiked apple cider or a batch of freshly baked apple cider donuts, and he’s sure to change his mind this year.

If your man is confused by any of the things on this list, he's certainly not alone. Chances are, you might be a little confused about it yourself!

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