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Jul 02, 2023

The Warmest Winter Socks for Winter

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us? This winter accessory will make or break your entire mood, so listen up! SOCKS

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

This winter accessory will make or break your entire mood, so listen up!

SOCKS OFTEN take a backseat thought in the process of getting dressed in the morning. They are typically one of those items men forget to update in their closet. While socks are a major style player in a man's PTSR (pants-to-shoe-ratio), they are especially important in the functionality department during the cold winter months.

Whether you're an outdoor winter runner, hiker or biker, or you're making the office commute, your sock choice can truly make, break, and enhance your experience. Think about it, when your feet are cold and uncomfortable, that's all you can think about it. When your feet are warm, cozy, and supported, it's an instant mood booster—like a warm hug for your feet.

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More than likely you're going to need to stock up on some of our picks for the warmest socks for winter this season. From dress socks, to house socks, to hiking socks and beyond, we've rounded up the 15 best men's winter socks. And don't worry, we consider style equally as important as function, so your PTSR will thrive even in the harshest temps. We've tested dozens of winter socks, scoured the internet for customer reviews, along with a hefty amount of technical research to put together this list of the best winter socks for men. Get scrolling for a season of happy feet.

Fabric: Just like with winter sweaters, wool is your best friend when it comes to winter socks. Sure, there are some modern fabrics that are great at locking in your body heat but science has yet to top the natural properties of wool when it comes to socks. Wool locks in your body heat while letting your feet breath at the same time. It also pulls the moisture off your skin to prevent sweaty feet. That said, a blend of wool and synthetic materials is good, especially if you're doing any athletic activities. A bled will give you stretch to help keep your socks in place and keep them light weight.

Length: You want your winter socks to sit anywhere from two to six inches above your shin bone. This will keep your body heat locked in, keep your socks from sliding down, and keep the elements out. The shoes you wear over your winter socks will also dictate length. A boot with a high ankle for instance, will require a longer sock. Always give yourself at least two or three inches of sock above the top of your boot.

Padding: Winter socks are usually paired with heavy winter shoes. A nice rugged winter boot will keep your feet dry and warm but they can also be rough on your foot if you don't have some extra padding. If you plan on wearing a heavy winter boot, especially leather boots, look for socks with padded heels and toes. You can also find socks with extra support in the arch of your foot. This will help you lug around that extra weight on your feet all day. However, thicker is not always better. Remember that a good winter sock will let moisture out and let your feet breath so you don't want the entire sock to be extra thick. Look for socks with extra padding in strategic spots and make sure they're thin enough everywhere else to not smother your foot.

Wigwam has been making some the warmest and most comfortable winter socks in the world since 1905. They still make their socks in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. If you've every been to Wisconsin in the winter, then you know how important warm socks are there. The Merino wool is naturally breathable and sweat wicking while retaining the warmth produced by your body.

Bombas is the buzzy sock brand millennials can't get enough of. The fit, material and durability is just so good plus they are stylish and easy to wear with anything. These Merino Wool Calf socks comes in ten different colors with nearly 8,000 almost-perfect reviews. They have noticeable arch support, which is rare in a sock, and are made from the Merino Wool we all know and love for a soft, warm, and moisture-wicking result.

These Darn Tough socks are made from a blend of merino wool, nylon, and spandex making them a stretchy, breathable, moisture-wicking outdoor running companion. We love the smooth toe seam compared to other winter running socks, and the mesh instep. They eliminate gaps between your running tights and sock line for a proper long run on the road or trail. While they are ultra-durable, Darn Tough has. a lifetime guarantee so you can get a brand-new pair if they show wear and tear.

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These OG L.L Bean socks have been a best seller for as long as we can remember. This classic style is the softest wool ragg sock around. The bulky knit feels soft and cozy, perfect for a fireside movie. The best part is, unlike other wool socks of its kind, they are machine washable.

Smartwool built these socks specifically for hiking in cold weather. They have ample cushioning in all the right spots to prevent chafing and foot fatigue. You don't have to relegate these wearable foot pillows to the trail though. All those benefits are just as helpful in your everyday life when you have to stay bundled up. They're especially helpful for anyone who has a job that keeps them on their feet all day.

Sometimes thicker just feels cozier, especially when you're lounging around the house on a snow day with the occasional visit outside. These babies have almost 8,000 perfect reviews on Amazon, so they must be doing something right. We love the pack of three bang-for-your-buck, in this cashmere wool heavyweight blend.

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These thick 1970s Logger Thermal Socks have a high wool content for premium warmth and moisture management. The thermal knit design improves insulation while also adding massive cushioning for comfort. They have meticulous attention to detail, with a flat toe stitching to avoid any rubbing and bunching. Reviewers love these for muck boots.

Designed for adventure, these durable, soft, and moisture wicking Merino wool socks work wonders for whole body warmth and fatigue. Made with moderate support of leg compression, these will increase circulation and help blood to travel up from the feet toward your heart. More blood pumping means more energized legs and less pain + swelling.

You already know Burton makes top notch snowboarding gear, and these socks live up to their reputation. Made in Italy from Merino Wool, this pair is their most technical sock style yet. They are designed with compression engineering for a stretchy, foot-hugging result that supports the muscles in your feet and ankles to improve warmth and fight fatigue, while wicking away moisture, providing a breathable airflow that keeps you warm. They are the best snowboarding socks around, that we also recommend for skiers thanks to the compression capabilities.

These socks are you winter boots' companion, with a full calf coverage that warms and soothes your feet and legs. With full cushioning throughout the sock, the UA BOOT SOCK will get you through long hikes keeping your feet warm and dry. They keep you looking and feeling like an athlete while providing the technical support you need during the winter.

Worn is dedicated to engineering the perfect socks for every purpose and these are their winter socks. The particular blend of Modal, Merino, and Nylon in these socks make them both warm and soft. They're sweat wicking so you feet will stay dry all day. Best of all, the simple color blocking design makes them stylish enough to show off.

If you're someone who always has cold feet no matter what, you might want to consider these battery-powered heated electric socks. Alternatively, in extreme severe weather, the technology of these can help prevent frostbite. They come with three different heating settings and are most popular with people that work in cold conditions, from hunting to fishing, motorcycling, and more.

This Himalayan-cashmere blend elevates your comfort in an ulta-luxe finish. Falk wearers literally cannot wear any other dress sock because of the impeccable fit and comfort they bring. The stitching is meticulously designed for comfort, avoiding blister spots, bunching and rubbing. These dress socks will make your dress shoes far more comfortable while keeping your feet cozy and warm.

Darn Tough socks were born out of Vermont, a state that knows a thing or two about a harsh winter outside. These Merino Wool Hikers are a true classic outdoor enthusiasts. They provide full cushioning throughout the entire sock, which delivers optimum support and comfort without unnecessary weight and bulk. Plus, this style naturally fights bacteria and odor, dries quickly, prevents slipping and bunching, and breathes during any season. Best of all you get the same lifetime guarantee for a new pair if anything tears in these babies.

When you name a sock Invincible then you had better make it the most durable sock out there. These winter socks Orvis live up to their name. The special blend of Merino wool, Nylon, and Lycra make these socks warm, comfortable, and breathable. Orvis has tested them to withstand 20,000 abrasion cycles in a lab. Which essentially means you can wear and wash them 20,000 times before they break down.

Vanessa is an established editor, stylist and shopping expert covering all things style, gear and wellness. She lives in Los Angeles and is passionate about sharing innovative products, tips and trends for people and the planet.

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